Nasty Delicioso: Banana Edition

D.I.O. Space
Aalto University
May 2022

Nasty Delicioso is a collective feast that stews dialogues revealing the interconnection of the ephemeral act of eating and its unpeeled implications.

During the Banana Edition we gathered in the public space in order to hand in free banana pancakes, which have previously been cooked with care ︎. Ironically, this was a tempting invitation to join us to converse about the bloody and poisonous history (and present) of Chiquita Banana. Sweet and sour feelings, and lots to digest!

The colonial plantation systems are huge, and so complex to disentangle, that stories of hope will not fit. Nevertheless, among the nasty stories, we have no other cho9ice than to keep on trying. We need to keep crafting alternative ways to inhabit this planet, new ways of relating-with-others. This words might not alleviate all difficult emotions, but it can be helpful to remember that, as Donna Haraway has said, cultivating responsabilities — that is, the capacity to respond — matters.

Access our compilation of information a resources about Chiquita here.